Client Tips

Photography Session Tips for Clients

  • Bring multiple outfits, snacks and a favorite toy for the little ones.
  • Coordinate clothing colors that compliment each other and are comfortable. Pick similar tones and colors. (For example, neons stand out against pastels, not a good combination.) Lay out the outfits together to see if they look nice together. 
  • Try to avoid clothing with focal points such as texts, logos, or images. 
  • Make sure that everyone is well rested and fed, people tend to be happier and more relaxed with basic needs met. =D
  • Be sure to make plenty of time to get ready. Showers, baths, dressing and grooming can take a while, try not to procrastinate to avoid any stressors.
  • Bring something you love to do together as a family. Cards, books, picnics, sports or even a yummy dessert ca bring out the most beautiful, real smiles. 
  • People are meant to engage and interact with each other, not just the camera. I promise the images captured of people engaging with each other will be cherished the most because they will express pure love and joy. 
  • Just have fun with your family. Don't be afraid to laugh, giggle, joke, embrace, kiss, snuggle, play and simply love. I want to capture moments that feel amazing. 
If you have ANY questions or would like any suggestions, please do not hesitate to ask. I am here for you and I cannot wait for our session!
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